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We all love our upholstered furniture. Upholstered furniture gives us a comfortable place to sit or even lay and take a nap after a hard day at work. It is great for entertaining guests or simply spending time with the family. It also adds interest, color and texture to our décor. However, overtime that beautiful upholstered furniture tends to look less bright and beautiful than it once was, and in some cases may even develop a stale odor that is less pleasant especially to guests or people new to visiting your home. However, there is something you can do, to reclaim the beauty of your upholstered furniture. You can have it cleaned by our professional upholstery cleaning technicians here at Fort Greene carpet cleaning.

Common Causes of Dirt, Stains and Odors on Your Upholstered Furniture

Unless you keep your upholstered furniture wrapped in shrink wrap it will collect dirt, stains, and odors from a variety of sources some of these sources include:
  Dust and pollen in the air
  Body and hair oils and products that rub off on the fabric
  Spills from food and drink
  Accidents from babies, small children and pets
  Absorption of smoke from cigarettes or wood stoves
  Absorptions of strong cooking odors

We Clean All Different Types of Upholstery Fabrics & Upholstered Furniture

Our upholstery cleaning technicians can clean all different types and styles of upholstered furniture and all different types of upholstery fabrics. Types of upholstery fabrics we clean include:

  Cotton and Linen
  Polyester and Polyester blends
  Wool and wool blends

What Makes Cleaning Your Upholstery So Difficult for the Average Person

Unfortunately, cleaning upholstery can be extremely difficult for the average person trying to do it on their own. Not only can upholstered furniture be large and awkward to clean, but different upholstery fabrics need to be cleaned using different products or solutions. Unless you have experience cleaning different kinds of upholstery, you could use the wrong upholstery cleaning method or product and end up with your furniture looking worse instead better.

We’ll Clean More than Just Your Upholstered Furniture

The drapes, blinds, and the tapestries you have hanging on your wall are subject to some of the same dirt and odors as your upholstered furniture.

So in order to help your entire room look and smell as fresh and clean as you want and deserve we will clean your drapes, blinds and tapestries as part of our upholstery cleaning service.

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