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We know from our own experience that not everyone has carpeting in their homes, many of our customers actually have wood or tile flooring and spend a lot of time, money, and effort choosing the prefect area rugs to protect their floor and compliment their décor. Some of these customers come to love their area rugs and view them as valuable possessions. Which means when it comes to having their area rugs cleaned they want a company that will treat their rugs with same love and care that they treat them. We here at Fort Greene Carpet Cleaning will treat your area rugs with the respect they deserve.

Two Great Area Rug Cleaning Options

In order to make our area rug cleaning as convenient for all of our customers as possible we do offer two different, but equally great rug cleaning options.

Option One

The first area rug cleaning option we offer is pretty much like our carpet cleaning services. You call for an appointment and we will clean your area rugs right there and then while you tend to other chores, spend time with your family or simply spend a bit of time relaxing while having your rugs cleaned.

Option Two

Our second option works well for our customers who find it difficult to schedule a rug cleaning appointment in their home due to their schedule. In this option you simply give us a call and set up a time that is convenient to you for us to come and pick up your area rugs, take them back to our facility where we clean them and make any necessary minor repairs and return them to you. Pick up and delivery is free and we only charge for cleaning and any repairs.

Types of Area Rugs We Clean

We clean all shapes, sizes and types of area rugs from the newest synthetic rug fibers to old family heirloom rugs that have been passed down from generation to generation. Type of area rugs we clean include:

  •   Antique rugs
  •   Spot and stain removal
  •   Specialty rugs (all fibers and weaves-even delicate rugs)
  •   Pre-conditioning
  •   Re-weaving
  •   Custom-fit padding
  •   Mildew control
  •   Shampooing
  •   Deodorizing
  •   Vacuuming
  •   Dry cleaning
  •   Water damage restoration

Periodic Professional Cleaning Can Prolong the Useful Life of Your Rugs

The good news is that having your area rugs professionally cleaned periodically can actually prolong the useful life of your rugs making them last far longer than you might expect.

Our Organic Cleaning Products are Gentle on Rugs

Our organic cleaning products are incredibly gentle on your rug fibers, but are tough on dirt and odors leaving your rugs looking cleaner and brighter. Our organic cleaners are safer for children and pets than those chemical cleaners some companies use and won’t leave behind any toxic odors or residue.

Free Estimate

Because every household is different with different rug cleaning needs we will more than happy to give you a free estimate so you will know how much our rug cleaning service will cost

To schedule a free consultation or carpet cleaning appointment just give us a call or speak to our online representative right here on this website.

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